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This page provides links for downloading and installing Swarm software.

Swarm is a library of object-oriented classes that implements the Swarm conceptual framework for agent-based models and provides many tools for implementing, observing, and conducting experiments on ABMs. Users write their own software but (a) follow Swarm's conceptual framework and conventions to design the software, and (b) use the Swarm libraries to do much of the work. The library is written in Objective-C, an object-oriented extension of the C programming language.

Languages and platforms

Originally, Swarm was available only by writing Objective-C code in a Unix-based operating system. Now, Java Swarm makes Swarm's Objective-C libraries available to Java code, so users can write their part of a Swarm model in Java. Swarm is now easily installed and used in Windows operating systems via Cygwin, a package that provides a Unix-like environment in Windows.

To use Swarm on Linux, Windows, or Macintosh, see the stable release page. Experience with other Unix-based systems is archived at Swarm:_platforms. Information on additional languages and platforms is in the FAQ.

Swarm 2.2: Our current stable release

Most users will want to install Swarm 2.2, our current release. Information and downloads are on the stable release page.

Downloading and installing test applications

There is information at the Swarm applications page on how to download and install example Swarm codes.

Development snapshots

Periodically, intermediate pre-release versions of Swarm are made available, for example to fix bugs or make improvements available. See the development snapshot page for information.

Software license

See the license page for information on how Swarm software is licensed and copyrighted.

Where Swarm development happens: GNU Savannah site

The CVS, bug tracking, and development for Swarm are hosted on GNU Savannah, a site run by the Free Software Foundation for hosting free software projects.

The latest source tarballs for Swarm and swarmapps will be made available there, so it acts as a partial mirror if you can't access ftp.swarm.org or one of the other mirrors. In the future, we plan to use some of Savannah's features for co-ordinating projects and/or allow users to co-ordinate their own Swarm-related projects.

Several users also use SourceForge for co-ordinating their projects, these are independent from the SDG:

New development ideas

This page contains a list of development ideas for people willing to contribute to the Swarm project.