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2022-02-22: Officer Election

Thanks to the exiting officers Matteo Morini & Jim Anderson! The new assignments are ED/President: Glen Ropella, Vice President: Gary An, Treasurer: Ted Carmichael, Secretary: Roger Burkhart.

2022-01-25: Director Election

Thanks to the exiting directors Asim Zia, Jim Anderson, Pietro Terna, Ivan Garibay, Steve Railsback, and Mirsad Hadzikadic! The new board comprises: Gary An, Roger Burkhart, Ted Carmichael, Marcus Daniels, Matteo Morini, and Glen Ropella.


Swarm Software for Agent-based Modeling

Agent- and Individual-based Modeling Resources

Resources for agent-based modeling. This area of the wiki is for information on agent-based modeling in general. This area is no longer maintained and we refer interested people to more up-to-date sites such as

There is still information on:

  • Agent-based modeling community resources
  • Software (information on alternative platforms; learning materials; template models; integrated development environments)
  • "How and why to do agent-based modeling": techniques and theory
  • Resources specific to different scientific domains

Swarm Development Group