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(WWW.SWARM.ORG is back!)
(Swarm Software for Agent-based Modeling)
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=Swarm Software for Agent-based Modeling=
=Swarm Software for Agent-based Modeling=
*'''[[Swarm_main_page|The main Swarm page]]''' for Swarm software, documentation, and applications
*'''[[Swarm_main_page|The main Swarm page]]''' for the Swarm software framework, documentation, and applications
*''New release of Objective-C for Windows'' produces Windows-native executables! See [[Swarm_and_MinGW|Using Swarm on Windows with MinGW]]
*''New release of Objective-C for Windows'' produces Windows-native executables! See [[Swarm_and_MinGW|Using Swarm on Windows with MinGW]]
*''[[Swarm:_Mailing_lists|Email lists for support and modeling]]''
*''[[Swarm:_Mailing_lists|Email lists for support and modeling]]''
=Agent- and Individual-based Modeling Resources=
=Agent- and Individual-based Modeling Resources=

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Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

WWW.SWARM.ORG is back!

We have restored the Swarm Development Group wiki following a major server crash several years ago. The wiki's emphasis is now on supporting Swarm software and SDG's annual SwarmFest. We will no longer attempt to provide current information on agent-based modeling in general, or on modeling software other than Swarm.


Swarmfest 2016: University of Vermont, July 31 – August 3

Swamfest is the annual meeting of the Swarm Development Group (SDG), and one of the oldest communities involved in the development and propagation of agent-based modeling. Swarmfest has traditionally involved a mix of both tool-users and tool-developers, drawn from many domains of expertise. These have included, in the past, computer scientists, software engineers, biomedical researchers, ecologists, economists, political scientists, social scientists, resource management specialists and evolutionary biologists. Swarmfest represents a low-key environment for researchers to explore new ideas and approaches, and benefit from a multi-disciplinary environment.

SwarmFest 2016 will be at the University of Vermont in Burlington, Vermont, USA. Abstracts are now being accepted. For information click here.

New version of Objective-C Swarm for Windows

There is a new binary (and source) release of Swarm that works with MinGW, a compiler that produces Windows executables. Advantages of this new way to use Swarm in Windows:

  • Windows executables can be launched directly from Windows, without needing to launch from inside a Unix-like environment.
  • Swarm models can be distributed for use on any Windows computer, without requiring Swarm or MinGW to be installed.
  • Faster execution than Cygwin Swarm.

See Swarm_and_MinGW

Swarm Software for Agent-based Modeling

Agent- and Individual-based Modeling Resources

Resources for agent-based modeling. This area of the wiki is for information on agent-based modeling in general. This area is no longer maintained and we refer interested people to more up-to-date sites such as www.OpenABM.org

There is still information on:

  • Agent-based modeling community resources
  • Software (information on alternative platforms; learning materials; template models; integrated development environments)
  • "How and why to do agent-based modeling": techniques and theory
  • Resources specific to different scientific domains

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