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2020-09-30: Mailing lists

Swarm-Support has been disabled for the indefinite future. We've left the Mailman page, including the archives up for spelunking. But new subscriptions and posts have been disabled.

The SDG has donated $10,000 to Northwestern University's Center for Connected Learning and Computer-Based Modeling (CCL) to support completion and distribution of the NetLogo "Time" extension, which adds discrete event simulation support to NetLogo.

2020-06-08: Reconstituted Board of Directors

The SDG took a break from organizing SwarmFest. A new board has been elected and is planning for the future. Please watch this space for any updates.


Swarm Software for Agent-based Modeling

Agent- and Individual-based Modeling Resources

Resources for agent-based modeling. This area of the wiki is for information on agent-based modeling in general. This area is no longer maintained and we refer interested people to more up-to-date sites such as

There is still information on:

  • Agent-based modeling community resources
  • Software (information on alternative platforms; learning materials; template models; integrated development environments)
  • "How and why to do agent-based modeling": techniques and theory
  • Resources specific to different scientific domains

Swarm Development Group