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This wiki site is maintained by the Swarm Development Group (SDG). This area of the wiki serves as SDG's home page.

SDG is currently an all-volunteer organization. It takes a significant effort to maintain the wiki, maintain and improve Swarm, and provide user support. Please volunteer a little of your time to help...contact us via email or talk to us at SwarmFest.

See the menu at the right for links to SDG's charter and corporate documents, a list of officers and SDG's board of directors, and contact information.

Mission Statement

The Swarm Development Group (SDG) was founded in September 1999 as a private, not-for-profit [501c(3)] organization to support agent-based modeling and simulation. The purposes of the SDG are to:

  1. promote the free interchange of agent based simulations among computing specialists and the public
  2. develop and maintain the integrity and competence of individuals engaged in the practice of agent based simulation.

Supporting Swarm Development Group and Swarm

SDG is funded by donations and its SwarmFest conferences. Currently, SDG has no paid staff and all work on the wiki and Swarm is done via volunteers and occasional contracts.