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Mailing lists are hosted on swarm.org.

Important notes

  1. Please, do not send subscription requests to the list, itself!! To subscribe, unsubscribe and general list information, please visit http://savannah.nongnu.org/mail/?group=swarm and choose the list you are interested in.
  2. You must be subscribed in order to post to lists!. To reduce spam, we've switched to subscriber-only posting. Non-members are not allowed to post messages to these list. If you wish to just be able to post without approval, you can subscribe and then immediately select the "Disable delivery" option. This means you will be able to post to the list in future without waiting for the list administrator to manually approve each post, but you won't actually receive postings to the list (unless you want to). You also must ensure that you post from an address that matches the address you are subscribed with.
  3. No HTML mail, please! Please send your mail in plain ASCII text, rather than HTML, it reduces bandwidth, is more portable (e.g. can be read under text-only mail clients like "pine") and saves space in our mailing list archives. Also please refrain from posting attachments, unless absolutely necessary. Provide a link to a web or ftp site if you wish to make available a download (e.g. a tar file, PDF etc.)

Mailing lists

Announcements: announce@swarm.org (archives)

The Swarm Announce list: announce@swarm.org, is the list for people interested in Swarm to keep in touch with progress on the system. Major announcements of milestones and miscellaneous information about Swarm are posted here. Please do not mail to announce yourself.

Swarm Support: support@swarm.org (archives)

The Swarm Support list, support@swarm.org, is for the discussion of the technical details of the day to day usage of Swarm. support is our major focus for user community. The traffic on this list can sometimes be quite technical. support is a sub-list of announce, which means that any message being sent to the announce list will also be sent to the support list. So, if you're interested in all the details and in the announcements, then simply subscribe to the support list. You do not need to subscribe to both lists. If you just want the announcements but don't care about the details, then subscribe to announce.
You can often find answers before posting a support request by searching the archives; see below for how.

Agent-based Modelling: modelling@swarm.org (archives)

The Agent-based Modelling list, modelling@swarm.org, is for discussion of general modelling and simulation issues, particularly those having to do with agent- or individual-based modeling and software platforms for ABMs.

Swarm & GIS: gis@swarm.org (archives)

The Swarm GIS list, gis@swarm.org, was for discussion of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) like GRASS, particularly with respect to their usage in conjunction with Swarm. This list has been discontinued.

Search Swarm mailing lists via Google

We currently have no dedicated search engine for the website or mailing lists. To search our site directly from Google, you can simply enter site:www.swarm.org followed by your keywords. e.g. to search for Debian, simply enter: site:www.swarm.org debian