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Swarm Documentation Main Page

User support via Swarm Support.

The primary source of user support for Swarm software is the swarm-support@nongnu.org email list, where questions are answered by fellow Swarm users on a voluntary basis. To keep from wearing out these volunteers, please first try the other resources listed below, and try searching the support email list archives because many common problems have already been addressed there. If you still need help, post a question to swarm-support@nongnu.org (you must first subscribe!). Use swarm-support@nongnu.org for problems installing and using Swarm software, reporting bugs, asking how to program specific things, and discussing topics related to Swarm software. Discussion of general modeling issues should be directed instead to swarm-modeling@nongnu.org.

Official Documentation Set for Swarm 2.2

This book (on-line or downloadable) includes the following sections:

  • A Brief Introduction to Swarm (not updated from previous versions)
  • Getting Started with Swarm (there is little here because up-to-date information is now maintained here on the Swarm wiki)
  • Reference Guide to Swarm 2.2, which is the Objective-C Swarm bible. It includes:
    • Swarm Changes and Compatibility: porting notes to assist in upgrading applications from previous versions to Swarm 2.1. No porting notes are available for Swarm 2.2 because there are few differences from 2.1.
    • Descriptions of all the classes, methods, and protocols in all the Swarm libraries. This is where you look to see what is in Swarm, and how to use it.
    • Indexes to the protocols and methods.

The Documentation Set is available:

  • on-line (TBD)
  • in a rough-and-ready PDF